About the best museum in the United Arab Emirates and its features

The United Arab Emirates is a rapidly developing country looking towards the future. Here they introduce the latest technologies, create man-made landscapes and futuristic buildings.

It is not for nothing that a museum of the future was organized here, where an interesting and original exhibition is presented. To get acquainted with the features of the exhibition, you should find out more information on the https://world-arabia.com/ru/articles/museum-of-the-future-v-dubae-opisanie-i-interesnye-fakty/.

Museum Features

It opened in 2022 and is dedicated to imagining the future based on modern developments in society and technology. Among the exposition one can highlight the topics of space exploration, bioengineering, ecosystem development, human health and well-being. Young visitors are presented with interactive and educational programs that invite them to explore art, mathematics and other areas of human knowledge.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum came up with the idea of ​​founding the museum. The ruler of the emirate of Dubai is known for his commitment to innovation in various areas of human activity. The idea of ​​the museum is to combine an exhibition space and a platform for demonstrating the achievements of various technologies.

Construction began in 2016 and the building was erected within five years, after which another year of interior decoration and placement of the exhibition took place.

The building itself is also the embodiment of an innovative approach to the architectural appearance and arrangement of the internal space.

Interesting Facts

More than a thousand plates made by robots were used to decorate the façade, which resulted in high precision manufacturing and careful fitting. To meet the electricity needs, solar panels are used, placed on any suitable surfaces of the museum building.

The water circulation system uses wastewater recycling to reuse it, which is very important for the United Arab Emirates and most countries in the world.

A hill covered with a wide variety of vegetation was chosen for construction, which symbolizes man’s victory over the desert sands and shows the possibilities for the development of ecosystems.

The museum is open full day from 9:30 to 21:00 local time, the cost of visiting is 149 dirhams. For children under 4 years old, people with disabilities and one accompanying person, admission will be free.

You can get there by public transport or car. The location in the financial center of Dubai makes access to the museum easy, but it is worth considering limited parking options; it is better to take the metro or taxi.